An experience beyond Imagination. A place without limitations.

“Isn’t it the memories we make, that gives life such a value? Sometimes even time stops with these wonderful thoughts. Keep them always with you.”

Memorize your past, enjoy the endless treasures of tomorrow.

Tramoria is a travel diary and more.

A place for your memories and your dreams. Get an overview of all the wonderful locations you’ve visited and destionations you dream of. Or just sit back and watch through all the beautiful memories and blissful experiences you made.

All that, as simple and intuitive as it should be.

“Life is an adventure. Make it a story worth telling”

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Experience life in companion. Travel with friends, find new ones.

And what about the vacations you traveled in companion?

Because most moments just feel better if you share them with another person. Like the party week on Ibiza or in Miami with your amazing friends. Maybe you were on a beautiful city trip to Paris or Rome with your loved one.

It doesn’t matter, it was incredible right? But then the photo and video sharing was just a mess. You even have some 2 or 3 times.

Tramoria will help you. There are groups were you and your buddies have access to the nice moments you captured.

Okay… maybe there are some you better have for yourself 😉 We can tell you, don’t worry!

„A trip is better measured in friends than in miles“

  Tim Cahill

Life is too beautiful to keep it for yourself. Share your story. Embellish the life of others.

We think sharing memories with others is a great and important thing.

You should show others the facinating locations you visited. Because this planet is so big and filled with beautiful places. Nobody can visit them all, but together we can 🙂

Earth is an experience for everyone.

To support that you will be able to easily share your best photos. Or you can create beautiful videos with many explosions like in action movies. Okay maybe we will remove that last part.

„What is a story never told? It is just words“

Everytime, everywhere, pertsistent, just for you.

What about the future? You surely still want to look back to all of it in some years don’t you?

What’s all that worth if the memories don’t persist?
In Tramoria they will. You can sync them with „Hourglass“, our cloud system and access them everytime from everywhere.

And since we think memories are one of the most precious things you can have, we will set high security standards. Only you should have access to them and all others SHALL NOT PASS!

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Leopold Kamp


Hallo, im Leo. I’m 22 years old.

I would describe myself as a creative person. I love to try something new. That’s the reason why I love to travel. There is so much inspiration in the world and experiences to gather. My favorite hobbies beside developing, are riding motorcycle and jumping out of planes.

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Dev dog

Woof woof wof.


preview image adrian kamp

Adrian Kamp


Let me introduce myself:

My name is Adrian. I’m an appdeveloper and globetrotter from Mainz, Germany.

The first love of my life was traveling, the second was android.

I know there are too many amazing places on this earth to discover, but i will never stop trying. In my freetime you’ll find me on a motorcycle or mountainbike.